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Because of the specialty, so professional

Xingyu long, focusing on brushless winding equipment for thirteen years, has obtained national patent certification for many products.

All the standard parts of the machine are imported from Japan and Taiwan to ensure the high accuracy and high speed and stable production of the machine.

Professional research and development. Production. Sales of brushless winde

Comply with the market trend, respond to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, constantly adjust the direction of research and development, and keep forging ahead.

The main machine is brushless winding machine, which is widely used in aviation / automotive / electronic / air conditioning / electric tools / small appliances. Dust / washing and other industries


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      The application range and winding method of the winding machine

      Winding machine: as the name suggests, a winding machine is a machine that wound linear objects onto specific parts. Most electrical products require the use of enameled copper wires to make inductanc

      常见问题 Common problem

      The difference between brushless motor and brushless motor
      When the motor is used, the coil and commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and the carbon brush do not turn, and the alternating current of the current direction of the coil is completed with the comm
      About the selection and purchase of the winding machine
      Inside the stator, from the 0.08-1.3 wire diameter, the diameter below 0.3 can be double root and wound. The number of grooves can be reached from 4-24, and the line loss is controlled within the nati
      Common faults and treatment of line winding machine control system
      The line winding machine used in our modern electric coil production and processing is an intelligent electrical equipment which integrates mechanical, electrical, sensing and data centralization. Man


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